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An Aesthetically Pleasing Choice

You can just imagine the family gathered around the table, sharing a meal, a roaring fire burning, and the dogs waiting patiently for a morsel of food to drop on the floor. It is like a Norman Rockwell painting. You can achieve that look too, at least on the outside of your house. The inside is all up to you. Vinyl log cabin siding can give any house that rustic charm.

Beneficial, Economical, and Ecological

Vinyl siding can be extremely beneficial for your home. Your home will maintain heat in the winter and be cooler in the summer if vinyl siding is applied because it is backed with foam insulation. No need to worry about wood boring insects, as this type of material is impervious to those infiltrating pests. Along with the obvious attractiveness of the exterior, it will also be low maintenance as it will not fade, even after prolonged exposure to the elements. A power washer and a mild detergent will be all the care you need to keep your siding looking its best. There will be no need to preserve log cabin siding, like there would be if you used real wood and it will not splinter.

Though this type of exterior finish can be sold for a variety of prices, it is less expensive to ship and install than regular wood. It also goes up faster, reducing costly hours of construction time. Vinyl log cabin siding is more cost effective than lumber. While prices can differ on vinyl log cabin siding, it can be a fraction of the cost of actual lumber. Not only will you save money on your heating and air-conditioning, but your home will also be worth more. A well-maintained property will always have an increase in property value.

Vinyl siding is also an environmentally sound decision. Natureís majestic trees will be safe, as no trees will be harmed in the making of this exterior. The outside of your home will resist rot and fungi and termites will not find it inviting, therefore, there will be no need for environmentally harmful sprays. Because of the insulation, it is energy efficient. It also uses less energy to produce and scraps from the siding can be recycled to make more of the same.

But how does it look?

You might be considering vinyl log cabin siding by now, but one question remains - how does it look? Vinyl siding is a relatively new material. When it was first introduced in the 1950s, it was to be a replacement for aluminum siding. In the beginning, it sagged, warped, discolored and split. With time the chemistry and installation techniques have improved, making it a popular choice for builders and homeowners. This product is designed to look like real wood with special grain patterns and knots to give it the appearance of real wood. It is sold in a variety of colors and finishes from light wood, to dark wood and even white. Some of the colors include: Vermont maple, smoke, cypress, spice, river rock, timber wolf, warm cedar and harvest brown.

Ease of Installation

Even though vinyl siding is not the most difficult product to install, most manufacturers recommend professional installation unless you are skilled in this area. The first thing you are going to need is proper measurement of your home. By doing so, you will figure out how much siding you need. Though it seems intimidating, it really isnít. Siding is sold by the square foot.

  • Measure the length and height of the exterior of your dwelling on each side.
  • Multiply the length and height of each side one by one and then add those figures together to get the square footage of the exterior.
  • Then, do the same with windows, add those together.
  • Determine the area of the doors using the same formula and add your doors together.
  • Subtract the total square footage of the doors and window from the square footage of the exterior of the house itself. This will give you the amount of siding you need.
  • Add an extra 20 percent to your final total to allow for mistakes in measurement.

When ordering siding you will also need to budget for the extra materials you will require to finish the installation, like outside foam filled corners, starter strips, and j channels. Vinyl siding needs to be installed loosely so that it has room to slide as it will expand and contract with the varying degrees of the external temperature. Remember too that there may be variations in installation procedures from one manufacturer to another. Always follow the instructions specific to the product you ordered. There are special tools needed as well. Punching slots in cut panels will require a nail hole punch. When dimpling panels where they are pressed into the utility trim, you will need a snap-lock punch. Finally, you will need an unlocking tool to separate the panels.

Before installation, make sure to tie back any shrubbery or trees that are near your house to allow yourself room to work. Also, remove anything from your house that will interfere with installation like shutters, lighting fixtures or downspouts. Your surface should be free of old caulk so that the vinyl accessories will fit better. You want your walls to be as flat as possible so make sure to use furring strips and even out any spots with shim. As always, check your state and local codes before starting any project. There might be specific instructions you need to follow and you might need to apply for permits. A contractor will be able to do this all for you.

Log Cabin Look without the Price

Vinyl log cabin siding can give you the rustic look that you desire without the expense of actual wood. It is a cost effective and low maintenance choice to decorate the outside of your building, making it stand out from the others around you. It will increase the value of home, without causing massive deforestation. Recent advances have improved the appearance, making it a popular choice among homeowners and builders alike. Finally, the ease of installation makes it a wise choice for any person looking to update their homeís exterior.

Where to Find Vinyl Log Cabin Siding Online

Vinyl log cabin siding is coveted by home owners who have always wanted a home that has a log cabin look and feel. DS Building Products sells vinyl log siding at a price of $365.00 per square or 100 square feet. The company also sells foam filled outside corners, J channels, window cases, starter strips, and the average cost of shipping costs between $300 and $600 depending on where you reside. The vinyl log cabin siding is offered in Forest Brown and natural cedar colors and the siding has natural wood grain patterns and knots for a realistic look. The company has been in business since 2004 and ships siding to any of the 48 contiguous states in the nation. For more information visit http://www.dsmetals.net/id3.html.

Timbermill Siding®

Timbermill Siding® sells vinyl log cabin siding, D4 wood look siding, plank board single 7 siding, and you can get product samples. Timbermill Siding® offers vinyl log cabin siding with grain patterns and knots so that the vinyl has a realistic appearance. The company offers a variety of patterns to select from and the siding has an authentic feel and look. You can add the siding to your home and it will mesh well with traditional siding. You can choose from forest brown or cedar colors if you are looking for attractive vinyl log cabin siding. For more information visit http://www.timbermillsiding.com/.

Continental Siding Supply

Continental Siding Supply also sells vinyl log cabin siding. The siding will help the home gain heat in the summer while preventing heat loss during the colder months. You gain the added benefit of adding vinyl log cabin siding that is insect resistant, fad resistant, denting resistant, and weather resistant. You can get the siding in four inch and seven inch boards in American Cedar or Forest Brown. If you want your siding professionally installed, this company is located in St. Joseph, Missouri, Johnson City Kansas, and Topeka, Kansas. The company offers free estimates online. For more information visit http://www.smartsiding.com/siding/logcabin.htm.

A. W. Graham Lumber, LLC

A. W. Graham Lumber, LLC is located in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. The company offers vinyl log cabin siding with grain patterns and knots so that the product looks real. The panels are supplied to you in random patterns for a more realistic appearance. The siding has a special finish so the color remains protected and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Available colors include Forest Brown and Cedar. For more information visit http://www.grahamlumber.com/logcabinsiding.html.

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